Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Introduction -- My Story

My mom was diagnosed over 20 years ago with Parkinson's Disease. For many years she lived independently with no problem. When she had her DBS or deep brain stimulation unit implanted things started to change. She had to quit her job or risk getting fired. She had a few car accidents and because many are not Parkinson's aware was accused of being under the influence. She stopped driving. When I visited her for the holidays, her house always needed cleaned. She was struggling, but even then I didn't know how badly. She had several brain surgeries and a friend from church came and stayed with her. Mom thought all her problems would be solved if she just had a roommate, so I after the friend left I found one for her.

She still needed help and I called around and got an emergency service to come in. They provided several services including a caregiver three days a week. The caregivers took advantage of her situation. My mom needed more help. Luckily, she contacted a real estate agent who specialized in situations like her own and she suggested my mom move out and have the house repainted before selling.

Without any family, only with the help of church members, my mom was able to get rid of a good 3/4 of her belongings. A moving company sent her belongings to me in Omaha, where I had already bought and prepared a townhouse for her. I intended to have everything unpacked before she arrived a week later with my aunt, who was escorting her to Omaha, but she had so much STUFF that it was impossible. Plus, most everything was grimy and had to be cleaned. When she got here, I realized her condition was far more advanced than I originally thought. It was true I had skipped a Christmas and hadn't seen her for over a year, but she also was good at hiding how things really were for her. Most of her clothing was stained and needed washed. Time went on and it was more and more apparent that she needed 24/7 care.

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